Taking a Break

I decided to call a temporary halt to working on the weblogs with the students. They have been using the computer room sessions to work on their writing (producing dialogues) and searching for information for a class quiz to be held on Friday. Of course, there is nothing to stop us from later reworking this and posting it on their weblogs, although I am beginning to question the approach I have taken with them.

When I suggested the other activites, none of the students asked to go back to the weblogs, which was disappointing.

I now feel that they have to be guided in order to make use of weblogs, especially at first, as I think some of the students really don't understand what they have been doing. Perhaps if we consolidated their work into one class weblog it would be better, with comments from different students about different things. Although it requires considerable work, I think it might be worth the effort to see if this relaunching provokes their interest. If anyone is reading this and can think of any ideas, I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line at info@grahamstanley.com


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