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Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology Homepage "Since 1999, PT3 grantees have worked to transform teacher education so that technology is integrated throughout teaching and learning."
videochat : Discussion Group My comments: Curiously enough this looks like a forum to me, calling itself a blog.
videochat : What's the story, according to you? "This weblog is part of an online unit using videos supported by chat tutorials with moderators in different parts of the world. We are using Real English videos with interactive exercises created with Hot Potatoes."
Blogs / Weblogs in Higher Education : "This collective blog / weblog is devoted to understanding the best pedagogical and other uses of weblogs and wikis in higher education. Feel free to read and write here"
e-Learning Eclectic : "e-Learning Eclectic is a news site dedicated to the subject of computer-based systems that facilitate learning."
mcli Forum: Fall 2003: Technology: RSS "Psss...have you heard about RSS?"
e-Learning Centre: Blogging : "Here are some resources on the activity known as blogging; a blog or weblog being defined as 'an individual's log of the web - a diary of web pages to recommend to others': It looks at the general use of blogs as well as those in educational contexts."
Criteria for Evaluating the Quality of Online Courses
Internet Time Group : "Training does not work. eLearning does not work. Blending Learning does not work. Knowledge Management does not work." A very interesting debate...
Online ESL lessons--Real English--ESL video and cdroms video lessons online
About iStudy : "iStudy is unique study software that simultaneously lets students learn their classroom material while learning effective new study habits." I haven't had a look at this yet...but it might be interesting...
An Englishman in Verona : "Yesterday I delivered one of those lovely (and rare) lessons in which everything goes right. The lesson went to plan, the students all learnt something, they all left more confident with their English and I left with the smug glow of job satisfaction."
Scot's Dot : "'Some of the UK's best-loved and most influential films and TV shows have gone on the internet as an educational resource for schools and libraries'"