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ICT in the Primary Classroom MOOC

I've just joined the Coursera MOOC ICT in the Primary Classroom: Transforming children's learning across the curriculum and am going to use this blog to reflect on the content as I follow the course.  The lead tutor on the course is Diana Laurillard , who I saw give an excellent plenary at the IATEFL Conference in Glasgow in 2012 on ' Supporting the Teacher as Innovative Learning Designer ' (see video recording of her plenary below). It's the first week of the course, and people are introducing themselves in the forum - already I've come across some familiar faces and have reconnected with some people from the past as well as making some interesting new connections. There's been a lot of criticism of MOOCs (e.g. here and here and here ) by many people who point to the fact that few people who sign up for them actually finish the course and get the certificate. I think this is missing the point - I am not taking the course to necessarily co

Language Learning with Technology: Skills Course (July 2014)

I've decided to run a free month-long course in July based on four of the units in the handbook for teachers, Language Learning with Technology. Here are the details: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening with technology. Join me in July 2014 for the free pilot month-long course in  Language Learning with Technology: Skills .  During July, participants will be examining good practice when using technology to help students with the skills of reading, writing, listening & speaking. We'll be examining different ideas and approaches and then share our experience in the course forum. At the end of each week, participants will write an activity for the language classroom as an assignment. Upon completing this course, participants will be able to be in a better position to know how best to implement technology in their classroom situation to help their students with skills work. Please note, we will be using the handbook for teachers ' Language Learning with Te

Use of L1 in Plan Ceibal English

Recently there has been much discussion of the use of L1 in the English classroom. One of the impulses to this has been the handbook for teachers by Philip Kerr: Translation and own language activities (CUP, 2014) . In the very first part of the introduction to this book, Kerr (2014:1) cites from some blog posts relating to the theme from (2009-10) that shows the strength of feeling for or against the use of the learners' own language in the ELT classroom: No matter what nationality you are, Mother tongue is always there interfering in our lessons (Translating in the classroom) got so out-of-hand that even I was looking up Spanish and (heaven forbid) writing translations on the board. After a few months of this, I realized that this has to stop and STOP now  We treat the mother tongue as a problem because of the stupidity of our immersion methodology Kerr goes on to state that although this is "a contentious issue" which has largely been ignored

Plan Ceibal update - May 2014

During March and April 2014, the Plan Ceibal English project expanded to just under 1,000 classes a week The Spanish version of this video is here