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Wordpress Plugins at Teaching Hacks

Just checked out the Wordpress Plugins Hacks at Teaching Hacks - I have a couple of Wordpress blogs, so this is useful. Thanks to Edublogs , Baldric is able to write about all things Second Life, so I'm sure he'll be thankful of this post (is it odd how I'm starting to think of my Second Life avatar as a separate person?)

The Electronic Village Online 2007

Today is the official start of TESOL's Electronic Village Online ( EVO2007 ) , which is an annual event of free workshops run by volunteers and open to educators from all over the globe. This is my third time as a session moderator - I keep coming back for more! Proceedings kicked off grandly with a World Bridges webcast, which can be heard at There are a total of active 13 sessions this year, in what promises to be a fun and lively 6 weeks (The sessions run until February 25th). Personally, I'm involved in three of the sessions. The Digital Gaming & Language Learning one will be looking at all aspects of gaming and language learning, and includes an optional module focusing on Second Life , which promises to be very active, and we have started a wiki , where most of our collaborative efforts will end up. I'll be moderating this with Nicholas Noakes , who is based in Hong Kong, and Rita Zeinstejer , in Argentina. I'm also co-moderati