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Edublogs 2012 nominations

Well, it's been a long time. Can't believe just how long, but then I've not made it here because I've felt guilty about blogging while I had deadlines hanging over my head for a new book, another chapter of a forthcoming book, and lots of work to do on two European projects that are coming to an end. Thanks to  Joe Pereira for bringing our attention to the 2012 Edublog awards , and, of course for nominating Digital Play for an award - you've always been one of our greatest supporters, Joe. Say what you like about the value of awards such as this, but what Joe says in his post about being supported is important - the thing I particularly like about these type of awards is that it's very democratic and it does bring people's attention to some great sites that otherwise might not be so well known. So, without further ado, here are my nominations for this year's Edublog awards:- Best individual blog - Barbara Sakamoto's Teaching Village http://www