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Interactive White Board blog

I've recently started using an interative white board (iwb) with some of my classes. To help me get to grips with this new technology, I've started an iwb-efl blog , where I can reflect on what I do and also link to the resources, etc I find that may be useful for me and others who use the iwb.

Blogstreams Salon: Aaron Campbell

The TESOL Electronic Village Online 2005 Blogging Workshop may have finished, but the community continues. Every Sunday at 22:00 GMT, Bee , Aaron , and I* will be hosting the Blogstreams Salon at Tappedin , where EFL/ESL teachers who are interested or involved in blogging can take part in informal text chats. In addition, once a month there will be a special presentation at the ASO (After School Online room) in Tapped In . The first of these special Sunday sessions (20th March) features Aaron Campbell , who will be presenting "Blogging toward Learner Autonomy". The presentation is free and open to all teachers and bloggers who are interested. (* I won't be able to make it to this one, as I start my week-long computer-free Easter holiday this weekend)

Yahoo 360 - Yahoo's blogging service

Yahoo 360 is a new (beta) service (you can sign the waiting list now) which will let you "Create your own place online. Share photos. Create a blog. List your favorites, send a blast, and more." Watch this space...

Blog Ideas: When you don't know what to Blog about.

Blog Ideas: When you don't know what to Blog about. "Are you scratching your head trying to find something to write about? Well, by all means steal one of our ideas and make it your own! These topics are meant to spark a thought, remind you of your past, or give you an excuse to vent." Random ideas for weary bloggers who've run out of ideas...