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Harrogate Online registered bloggers: Mercedes Viola

Here's the last of my three Harrogate Online Registered Bloggers interviews, this time with Mercedes Viola , who I have known for many years online and have been able to meet up with in person several times since moving to Montevideo. I've always been impressed with just how dynamic she is, and how active and enthusiastic she is both online and in person. Please introduce yourself I’m Mercedes Viola, an English teacher from Uruguay, South America. I’ve been running a language school for more than 20 years designing and implementing general English and business English learning experiences. I’m a member of the IATEFL Electronic Committee and BESIG Joint Web coordinator. If you want to know something more about me, you can visit  this page Could you give us brief details about your session at IATEFL 2014? I’ll be talking about Ceibal en Ingles, a truly innovative English project in Uruguay. This project is being implemented by Plan Ceibal (

Harrogate Online registered bloggers: Chris Lima

Continuing the interview posts about other IATEFL Harrogate Online registered bloggers , it's my pleasure to introduce Chris Lima to those of you who don't already know her. I first met Chris at the BRAZ-TESOL   conference in Fortaleza in 2008 and have bumped into her at conferences ever since.  Please introduce yourself My name is Chris Lima, I am a teacher, teacher trainer and researcher. Could you give us brief details about your session at IATEFL 2014?  In my talk I will discuss how integrating the reading of literary and creative material into teacher education and development programmes can give ELT professionals the opportunity to better understand the role of literature in language learning, participate in discussions of relevant issues, engage with different points of view, and develop their own language skills. What areas of the conference are you interested in?   Literature and language teaching, creativity in ELT, English for Academic Purposes.

Harrogate Online registered bloggers: David Read

One of the other registered bloggers, Adam Simpson (blogging at ) has come up with the idea of a blog chain reaction in the lead up to the 2014 IATEFL conference . The idea is for each registered Harrogate Online blogger  "to choose two or three of this year’s registered bloggers and introduce them on their blog. These bloggers then in turn choose other registered bloggers and interview them…and so it goes on until we all have a good idea of who will be blogging about this year’s event." My first choice is David Read , and here are his answers to the blog challenge questions: Please introduce yourself Please introduce yourself My name’s David Read, I’m from the UK and work as Technology Director at the English Language Teaching Centre, part of the University of Sheffield. I’ve been an EFL teacher for about 20 years and worked in 14 countries (don’t worry, I won’t list them!). As my job title suggests, my main interest is technology, par

IATEFL Harrogate online

Sad to say, that due to work, this is the first year I won't be attending the IATEFL annual conference in 7 years, since the one held in Aberdeen in 2007. Fortunately, much of the conference is streamed online, thanks to the British Council, and  IATEFL Harrogate Online  is now live. I've signed up to be a ' Harrogate Online Registered Blogger ' and expect this will encourage me to participate virtually and report about the conference even though I'm miles away in Montevideo. I signed up last year and it encouraged me to live blog a number of the sessions form the conference, so I'm hoping this year it will have the same effect. If you are an ELT blogger and want to participate in the scheme, then it's definitely worth doing. In return for applying, you get:- * Your name/blog listed as 'Harrogate Online Registered Blogger' on the Harrogate Online site * The ability to embed exclusive video content from Harrogate Online on your blog