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SLanguages 2009

This year's SLanguages conference promises to be the best ever - it starts later today at 20.00 Central European time and continues for the next 24 hours. I'm excited to be speaking several times, first as part of the AVALON project , a European Union funded initiative, with 26 partners in 8 European countries. AVALON stands for Access to Virtual Learning live ONline, and our goal is to explore the potential for scenario-based language learning. This (tonight and then again tomorrow morning - see schedule for details ) will be the first time we've spoken about it in public together - looking forward to it. I'm also speaking as part of the panel discussion plenary on language teacher training in Second Life, with Nergiz Kern , Nick Noakes and Dennis Newson , although I think Dennis can't make it after all. We'll be talking about our experience organising the TESOL Electronic Village Online session on Virtual Worlds & Language Learning . The social network