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I've decided to start a new blog to collect ideas for games (or the actual games) that I come across which I can use with classes:

APAC - February 2007

In February 2007, I gave a presentation at the 2007 APAC ELT Convention , with a colleague, on 'Language Learning and Computer Games: From Space Invaders to Second Life' Here's the presentation: And here's a link to the article we gave as the handout - there are also some associated worksheets

Bubbleshare - The Magic Zoo

I've rediscovered Bubbleshare and think I might use it instead of making a video for a couple of cartoon projects that one of my classes (Junior, ten years old) have been doing. They have finished the cartoons, and we have also recorded the audio to go with them, but I think that I may ask them to record the audio again, directly in Bubbleshare, as they might get a kick out of doing that. This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog

TESOL Spain 2007 - Sant Sebastian

I am exhausted but happy after attending the 30th annual TESOL Spain Conference in Sant Sebastian (Donostia)last weekend, whose name 'Killing Two Birds with One Stone' refers to the very popular (at least in Spain) CLIL (Content Integrated Language Learning)movement. I took the overnight train there on Thursday night, arriving at 7.00am on Friday morning. The conference wasn't due to start until 15.00, which in theory left me sufficient time for sightseeing, but, as I was due to present (on 'Online Student Publishing Projects') that evening, I spent much of the time beforehand, holed-up in my hotel room, making sure my presentation was up-to-scratch. I arrived at 15.00 and found that I was one of the first people to arrive. Waiting around, I bumped into another early bird, who turned out to be the incoming President of TESOL (Sandra J Briggs). Quite by chance, we chatted about her taking over the presidency in Seattle later this month, and I was able to talk to he