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Private or Public? Has Facebook changed the privacy game?

As Facebook starts to become more and more a part of people's online lives   there seems to be a growing number of commentators who have decided to deactivate or delete their accounts. Usually concerned about privacy issues , some people are opting out of Facebook and choosing not to take part in the social media revolution .   There are others, however, who have now started questioning this. Here's one that's worth a visit: ' Is Deleting Your Facebook Account Really a Good Idea? '  Two points are made here that are particularly worthy of discussion: 1) As Facebook becomes more and more useful as a source of public data, and as it becomes a greater part of the Web, do you think it's a wise decision to abandon Facebook?  2) The whole idea of privacy is changing, being re-written by anyone who has a life online. Isn't it better to consider everything you do online to be public?   As a teacher, like it or not, at sometime you're going to have photos

Looking for students for AVALON Learning pilot courses

If anyone knows students who are interested, there are two free courses for English students starting in Second Life later this month, organised through the AVALON EU funded project . The first is a Speaking Skills course for B1 students preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) . The details are in the document below. AVALON FCE Speaking Skills May 2010 The second is a Business English course for B1 (upper intermediate) and above students (see document below for details) AVALON Business English May 2010

Reflections on recent conferences (part one) : ISTEK

I know this is very late, but I want to add my two pennies worth to the growing number of blog posts about the extraordinary ISTEK conference  that was held on 27-28 March 2010 at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. I'm not sure I know of an ELT conference that has generated so much online discussion. ISTEK the conference (and post-conference) has been the one everyone has been talking about. I started this post shortly after attending and then hesitated in posting as a fierce blog-storm brewed. Now that the hurricane seems to have passed,I thought I'd pick up where I left off, and write my account of the event as a record for me if nothing else. Here's a list of the posts I know have been written about ISTEK (apologies in advance to those I've missed off). Two other blog posts and their many comments have now been deleted, but anyone who is curious enough can follow the digital footprints to see what the fuss was all about: Ken Wilson's overview of the event  Se

It's worth taking a look at this blog - mobile learning

I've just been tagged by Sheetal Makhan  (be sure to check out her great blog btw) and this is as good an excuse as any to jump back into blogging again after a long absence. I've actually got a backlog of posts I've started (about the ISTEK conference , IATEFL and more), but rather than try to keep this chronological, I thought I'd just jump in with this. The idea is for every blogger tagged to list ten blogs worth looking at, and for those who are tagged to do the same. That way, we'll be able to point people to blogs that would otherwise be overlooked and increase the community aspect of the blogosphere. After staying clear of Mobile Learning (or M-Learning) for a long time (mostly from lack of time I suppose) I'm currently trying to catch up on what I've missed and what better way of doing this is there than checking on the blogosphere and what people are writing there about the subject. So, my list contains bloggers who are all covering mobi