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IATEFL 2015: Engagement principles and practice in classroom learning, language and technology

Sunday's plenary at the IATEFL conference in Manchester was by Joy Egbert ,  A still-common issue with technology use in language learning is an overly-strong focus on the digital tools and a relatively weak emphasis on actual learning. This technocentric approach may arise, in part, from a lack of clear theoretical grounding for classroom technology use. While it's unclear whether atheoretical uses of technology actually provide barriers to learning, it is clear from the research that principled uses can lead to student achievement. But which principles should language educators use to guide their planning? This plenary proposes that principles of task engagement, as part of an educator's overall understanding of second language learning, can serve both educators and learners well in technology enhanced environments. Task engagement -- which includes principles of authenticity, connection, interaction, feedback and challenge/skills balance -- supports current popular tr