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SLanguages 2008

Last weekend's SLanguages conference/festival was quite something. Over 300 people registered (compared to last year's 40) and 19 presenters (to last year's 5) over a 24-hour period. The launch was lots of fun with over 80 avatars attending the first plenary. I took lots of snapshots during the event and have created an overview of it using Slideshare , which you can see below. The SLanguages archive also now has many of the individual presentation slides and audio from the conference. I found the event itself to be quite an eye-opener and will definitely go back and listen to the sessions I didn't get the chance to attend and also revist a few of the ones I did get to. There were also lots of places mentioned in SL that I want to visit (when I have time!). It was particularly interesting to see how things have moved on in a year (there's now so much educational and language education activity going on in Second Life it's really exciting) and I also met lots o

Education@Edunation Session V - Saturday 17th May 1.30am SL Time

April was so busy that it came and went without a chance to organise an Education@Edunation event. However, I am very excited about the next one, which will feature Nick Noakes ( Corwin Carillon in SL), who is a very active educator in Second Life. Corwin will be leading a discussion - Here's how he describes the event: Come join us for a discussion of self-directed team learning in Second Life where we will share ideas and practices for giving learning teams greater control through inquiry-driven projects. Because Nick is based in Hong Kong, we've rearranged the time and date. This time it will be on: Saturday 17th May at 1.30am SL Time (PDT), which is 8.30 GMT Come and join us if you can - Space is limited, so please sign up now by visiting the sign-up stands at Edunation III (see photo below). Hope to see you there!

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