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Looking back on 2011...Dogme ELT & Interactive Whiteboards

As usual, time flies and blog posts that I'd intended to write don't get written. However, now that summer is upon us and I have more time... So, looking back... One of the most interesting dates for me was the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG's PCE (Pre-Conference Event) , where a whole day was spent looking at IWBs from all angles. I have already written a post about the event on the iTILT website , but here I want to take a closer look at the discussion led by Luke Meddings on Dogme ELT and interactive whiteboards. This post has also been prompted by, and is a response to Gavin Dudeney's recent blog post about  " the increasingly blurry-edged DOGME which is mutating into something to please everyone " . I've written a version of the following as a comment on Gavin's post, but want to expand upon it here... Luke Meddings didn't run a workshop on IWBs  at the IATEFL LT SIG PCE . It was a discussion on ' Dogme ELT and IWBs ' and I