Hello students!

Hello Francisco, Albert, Albert, Josep, Pau, Cristina, Alba, Carla, Cristina, Joan, Sandra, Laura, Jordi, Nuria and Ignasi!

This is an example of a weblog - you can post anything here that you think people might be interested in reading. You can make your BLOG about one thing in particular, or fill it with everything you are interested in.

You can add links to websites you find or want people to know about, post your feelings about a particular subject, publish your poetry, etc...

What I would like you to do is to respect the following rules for blogging during this class :

1) Everything should be in English - get me to check it before you publish it if you like
2) If you publish anything about anyone else, make sure it isn't offensive, insulting or untrue...

So, that's all. Have fun!



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