Monday, July 28, 2003

Student Blogs

Nik Peachey (British Council Search English) has suggested I provide links to the actual blogs the students produced, so here they are:

Barcelona, our world
TV and more
Cristina's and Sofia's Blog
Beth's Blog
Anonymous Blog
World of Music Blog
Valencia FC Blog
Our summer Web Blog

As you'll see, some of them don't actually have that much content. I will be posting the other things the students did (that they intended for the blog but never got around to posting) over the next few days.

If you look now, you'll also see that sometimes the students couldn't remember which blog they'd posted to, so they sometimes posted to each others. That was partly my mistake by not clearly assigning blogs to students or not recording the logins. I am going to rearrange the material so it reflects the original intention of the experiment. I suppose this is partly the role the teacher has to assume if something like this is undertaken - there is a certain amount of housekeeping that will occupy the teacher's time and that ensures the project runs smoothly.

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