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Second Life and Language Learning discussions - part 1

We had two interesting discussions in Second Life on Friday evening and Saturday morning, as part of the IATEFL Aberdeen Conference proceedings. The discussions were held at Edunation, on the subject of language learning and Second Life . First, the Friday session. Background: Held at 21.30 GMT, Kyle and I ended up having to share one avatar, and were in a great Aberdeen cafe/wine bar in the centre of town (Beans). There we were, wine in hand, in the back of the cafe with my laptop, and in SL, as people started coming in and taking up the seats, enjoying the live jazz music and generally cool ambience of the place. Apologies for the abrupt exit, after an hour-and-a-half of stimulating discussion - my laptop batteries could take it no more, and died on me. With all that in mind, here is the transcript, with photos to give those who haven't been in Second Life a better idea of the experience: [13:29] Misha Writer: I thought it started half an hour ago - so I took a seat & waite

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