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Educational Blogging article

Stephen Downes has written an interesting Educational Blogging article in the Educase Review, "looking at the nature and history of blogging, educational applications, tools and technologies, trends, and early experiences in educational blogging." The example given at the beginning of the article reflects on an example weblog community with three different types of blogs being used by the students and teachers: "This virtual space is composed of three sets of weblogs, or blogs: a classroom Web space, where announcements are displayed and work of common interested is posted; a public, personal communication zone, where students post the results of their work or reflection; and a private personal space, reserved for students’ thoughts and teacher guidance." and the point of this is "to promote reflective analysis and the emergence of a learning community that goes beyond the school walls." There is a more detailed description of the workings of t

Three Reasons to Publish an E-Newsletter AND a Blog

Three Reasons to Publish an E-Newsletter AND a Blog : This article is aimed at those involved in marketing, but it's still interesting to see how blogging continues to make headway as a way of communicating to people electronically.

COLIN PATON: Reflective blogs

COLIN PATON details a recent implementation of blogs in a Brazillian teacher training programme: "We have recently implemented the use of blogs on our training courses for teachers. We call these blogs 'reflective blogs' as we ask teachers to record their teaching practice through self observation and then reflect upon it. These blogs are kept on our Teacher's Portal and are open to all teachers to read and comment on."