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Interactive Stories

I first came across Mark White's Interactive Stories  quite some years ago, but I haven't ever blogged about them.  I did use some of the techniques that Mark outlines on the English Conversations website in class and was impressed at the results. I also did a couple of training sessions with them in 2005, which seemed to go down well. I'm now revisiting this storytelling technique, preparing to use the ideas as part of a presentation I'm preparing on Storytelling games and activities for the 11th Anglo Congress in Montevideo , in August. For this reason, I thought it would be good to write about it here as part of that preparation.  What is an Interactive Story? As Mark puts it, "the technique consists of a story, which includes both sentences and questions so that as one student reads it to the other, the listener can respond to the questions and interact with the storyteller and the story itself by making it up as they go along." T