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Education@Edunation - Sunday 30th March 2008

The fourth in the EduCation@EduNation Second Life monthly series of presentations, talks, seminars, etc. will be next Sunday 30th March at 12:00 PST (Second Life Time), 19:00 UTC/GMT or 21:00 CET . The special guest this time round is Jeremy Harmer , the well-known and best-selling ELT author and international speaker, and it will be his first public event in Second Life - he'll be behind the avatar Dirk Beatty. The session is entitled “ Watching Teachers Watch Themselves ” and will be a real-world talk (rather than being about SL education) looking at teacher observation and how teachers perceive their work and their teaching practice. The session concerns the teacher observation Jeremy carried out whole preparing the new edition of ‘ How to Teach English ‘ [ Pearson Longman, 2007 ]. More about this project can be found in the DVD that accompanies the printed book. So, be sure to sign up quickly to ensure a place next Sunday (by visiting the sign-up stands in-world on Ed

SLanguages Conference - May 2008

I'm excited about the forthcoming SLanguages conference , the second edition, which promises to be bigger and better than last year. | View | Upload your own This time, it'll be held on 23 and 24 May 2008 , and it's hoped that there'll be more languages represented this year: the conference now also has a website this year ( ) with information in various languages. It's being sponsored by the Consultants-E, owners of the Edunation sims , where the conference is to be held, and Avatar Languages . I'm still wondering what to propose for a presentation - the call for proposals is now open (until May 1st) , and you read more about it over at Gavin Dudeney's blog, That'SLife .

Language Learners & Computer Games: From Space Invaders to Second Life

I recently revisited the online presentation that Kyle and I did on Digital Games and Language Learning for last year's Webheads in Action Online Convergence because the Proceedings have just been published in the TESL-EJ . Our article is now available online here: .

TESOL Spain Presentation: Learn English Second Life for Teens

I was in Madrid recently for the TESOL Spain 2008 convention , which was a lot of fun. I was there presenting the British Council's Learn English Second Life for Teens project, which has been going through a pilot. The slideshow with recording made in Madrid is included below. If you'd prefer to download the audio only, then you can do so here . | View | Upload your own I also set up a wiki to support the presentation: