From Marco's blog come a link to Momentshowing: Adventures in video blogging which has lots of interesting posts and links for anyone interested in video blogging or vlogging.

After listening to Michael Coghlan's presentation last Friday, I'd really like to try this out as I think it has a lot of potential. Here's a few ideas that ran through my mind during Michael's session, which I'd like to develop on at a later date:

* Set up an audio / video / photo blog diary : something for students to look at for extra listening practice,etc and to help bridge gap between teacher and students. Encourage students to do the same? I think the best idea would be to make it a rolling blog, and instead of archiving posts, simply change them. The idea of doing this would be to save on space and to encourage students to logon frequently to catch posts before they are taken off.

The question is, would students actually bother going to the site? One way of introducing them to the habit of visiting would be to set homework assignments based on this. Later on, the best way would be to make the content so interesting they really want to keep coming back. That is a challenge, however. But worth an experiment I think.

* Take advantage of my students' fascination for mobile phones with cameras and use the video facility to create blog posts?


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