hipteacher on blogging with students

loves blogging with students:

"In my experience, writing, revising and peer editing within the blog structure has particularly helped their writing skills...I've also had success with journaling in blogs...Teenagers are so self-conscious, I find the lack of face-to-face contact adds dramatically to the strength and effectiveness of peer editing and review."

She also speaks about the privacy issue:

"While I'd like all students blogs to be open to the public, there are some legal and protection issues involved...in Livejournal, I allow students to use their real names and post so that only their 'friends' can see. Everyone in the class is on everyone else's 'friend' list. "

She has also invented a way of getting around the Blogger privacy issue:

"...I ask each student to come up with a pen name and sign a contract stating that they are never to mention real names, location, school name, etc."


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