Sunday, July 17, 2005


For some time now, podcasting seems to be the only thing I've been blogging about. Because of this, and because I ran out of server space (which meant I couldn't upload any podcasts), I decided to set up another hosting account that would give me enough space to podcast on a regular basis.

The site's now set up:, and so I'll probably stop blogging here about podcasting, and use the other site, reserving this for non-podcasting stuff.

Now that I've got that sorted out, I hope to get back to what's been happening in the EFL/ESL blogosphere, as I feel a little out of touch...

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  1. I do a podcast, too, and found all sorts of issues with the way I was sounding--never really getting the sound I wanted. I met up with a company called Pod Shack who helped me by offering all the elements like voice overs and intros / outros to get me where I wanted to go in the audio. Pod Shack is providing all the elements traditionally reserved by those with the big bucks in radio. Good luck with your podcast and it sounds like you're having fun!