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Back from holidays, and I'm trying to catch up on things I've missed.

On our Building a Community of Practice weblog Jamie Hall has posted information about a weblog project with trainee teachers and asked them the question 'Should English teachers call on shy students?'

An interesting question for discussion, and you can read more in the post on Jamie's discussion blog. Apart from in the classroom, what if blogs are being used as a compulsory part of a course? In my experience, and that of colleagues who have used blogs, shy students have often benefitted from the new voice that a weblog gives them. I have seen students who are normally shy in class write lots in a weblog as there is not the pressure that there is in a classroom. They have time to think and to reflect in writing, and the use of a weblog can often be a very useful way of helping them express themselves.

Jamie also has another blog called 'English Teacher Training' and in this he reflects upon good practice and also uses it as a way of giving feedback to the trainees. My first impression is that this and the other blog seems to be successful ways of extending communication with this group.


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