Monday, July 04, 2005

Podcast file size too big

I have had to delete the 'introduction to podcasting' file from the server because the file is too big. It is a real problem with podcast audio files, and one I must admit I haven't really thought too much about so far.

Now I have more time on my hands, I'll be looking into it to find a solution, and I'll probably revise the file and reduce its size too.

I'll revise the file and upload a smaller version of it ASAP


  1. Graham...what do you mean by 'the file was too big'? What made you come to this conclusion? I am curious about this because I'm tinkering with mp3s at the moment and am wondering what the potential is in terms of what the size limits are of publishing a whole series of them.

  2. Aaron, I was in such a hurry to finish the file and upload it in time for the Blogstreams session, that I didn't really pay attention to the file size - it turns out that it was 41MB or so! I only have server space of 50MB, and my ISP sent me a letter asking me to upgrade or reduce the space I was using.

    Now that the session is over, I'm going to take a look at the file and see what I can do to reduce the size . I'm also going to take a closer look at the postings on the Podcasters forum about hosting, etc to see what solutions other people have come up with. Ultimately, I think I'll need to have more server space too if I want to do some more podcasting.

  3. Graham,
    When you export it, set your compression to 48kbps. This is a good number for voice.


  4. Anonymous6:47 am

    can someone suggest the optimum file size for a podcast

  5. Natasha, that's a bit like asking 'what's the best size for a piece of string?'

    However, most podcasters think that for listening purposes, it's best to keep a podcast to under 20 minutes