Use to create customised podcast

Via A VC in NYC, here's an excellent idea that combines the social bookmarking software with RSS to create a personalised podcast featuring a variety of different audio content.

I think it could have some really interesting potential uses for teachers and students.

How to do it:
1. You set up a new tag at (I tried it with pod-efl).

2. You create a podcast-friendly RSS feed at Feedburner using the URL of the new tag(

3. You put the podcast feed into your podcast client (podcatcher): iPodder, or iTunes, for example.

4. The next time you come across a link to an mp3 audio file (podcast or otherwise) you think you may like, you post the link to, and then when you run your podcatcher, it'll be automatically downloaded to your PC or mp3 player.

I've just tried it out, linking to the last Comprehensible Input podcast and it worked a treat.

Why this is interesting/useful :

I have just thought (off the top of my head) of these ways of making use of this feature (although I'm sure there are more):

a) You can publish a feed of what you're listening to (could be used for recommending podcasts to other teachers / educators), thus filtering interesting podcast content for other educators.

b) You have a class of students (with access to the Web of course, and preferably mp3 players) and you want to give them extra listening practice. Just as using a blog can direct them to relevant and useful resources, so this system can supply them with relevant audio content.

c) You're interested in downloading mp3 files that aren't podcasts to listen to later (for example, from ELLO). This would be a tedious job, downloading each file one-by-one. This makes it much easier to do.

And...(please add your own ideas)


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