pod-efl Podcast back online

Thanks to Nicole Simon of Sushi Radio, who kindly agreed to host the file, my first pod-efl podcast prepared for the June 19th Blogstreams Session is back online.

The chat ranscript that accompanies this podcast / session is here

Now I'm going to look into how best to host these files, and if I can make them smaller, to see if I can do any more. I'd love to continue what I started here, but for the moment, I think I'm going to concentrate on the audio files (which could be podcasts) I'm preparing for my classes in October and on the sushi radio podcasts I've been preparing with my current summer school students.

The first of these was uploaded last night, and the students were so pleased when they saw (and heard) it.

Here it is: 'An introduction to Spanish Traditonal Music'

It's the first time I've done a podcast with students and am very pleased with the results - there's something very motivating for the students when they have a genuine audience, and they all tried very hard to do their very best. I think they have good reason to be pleased with the result.


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