Paul Braddock - The Flipped Classroom (IATEFL LTSIG)

The photo shows, live from Liverpool, Paul Braddock talking about the Flipped Classroom and leading a discussion about what it is and the pros and cons of reversing the role of what you ask learners to do in class and what you ask them to do at home (see

One early definition of the flipped classroom was the idea to invert traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of the class and moving "homework" into the classroom.

Paul said that this definition of the flipped classroom adheres to a behaviorist view of teaching and learning and perhaps it is more suited to a subject with content rather than teaching a language.

One point made by an audience member was that, as a student of literature, she was asked to do a lot of reading at home, and what she ended up developing was the skill of being able to talk about books without having read them. She said that the danger with our students is that they end up doing something similar and then not getting the input.

A more updated definition has the flipped classroom 'providing initial input outside of the class' and 'promoting more output in the classroom', which Paul says is more relevant to language teaching and learning.

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