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The second LTSIG day presentation by Suzanne Mordue and Sirin Soyoz was dedicated to video in the EFL classroom.

Sirin said she is interested in video because of the multiple channels that it allows and particularly emphasises the potential of Youtube, but because YouTube is not available in  some countries, Vimeo and Videojug are two alternative video sharing sites that have general videos.

Top documentary films, TED talks and National Geographic are some other channels for specialized videos at you can use with your students.

As far as ELT specific, Real English (http://real-english.com/)  Randall's video snapshots (http://www.esl-lab.com/videoclips.htm ), ESL Video, Simple English videos and LearnEnglish Teens are all sites with good sources of different videos. Sirin and Suzanne then shared lots of different clips and discussed how best to use them in the classroom.


  1. Just to let you know that the TeachingEnglish team really enjoyed your IATEFL posts and short listed your blog for our special TeachingEnglish best blog coverage of the IATEFL conference award.

    The winners were Damian Williams & Stephen Greene. Here's the announcement on the TeachingEnglish
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