Kristina Smith IATEFL LTSIG Liverpool PCE

Kristina Smith is our first presenter of the afternoon and her focus is 'Autonomy in Online and Blended Learning'

one of the first suggestions from Kristina was that the teacher should start by considering the culture of the learners, considering the interaction between content delivery and deeper learning, individual and social (i.e. group work), teacher led and self directed learning online.

One of the issues that Kristina cam across with one group of teachers that she worked with was that they were not allowed to ask the children they taught personal questions, because it was an invasion of privacy and it might embarrass some of them.

Kristina started asking the audience to consider where they stand on a line between humanistic and behaviourist teaching, then looking at Tassinari's dynamic model of Learner Autonomy (see

When it comes to the environment a teacher teaching online should consider the learners, the other stakeholders (the school, the management, etc).

Digital literacy is another issue with some of the teachers Kristina works with, and some teachers do not know how to copy and paste a URL or how to take a screenshot. The key to dealing with this is patience and not making assumptions, helping the teacher in different ways (how to videos and PDF instructions). Kristina uses to make instructional videos for the teachers.

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