The Daily English Show

I've been looking at various English videos and videoblogs on sites such as Youtube recently, and have been really impressed by one in particular.

This is the Daily English Show, a video podcast, which is professionally made and put together by Sarah, a teacher in Tokyo, Japan.

Available to view online here at Youtube and at Grouper, you can also put the RSS feed into your podcatcher to download the videos.

It's amazing that she can write, film, edit and upload all of this (almost) every day. Hats off to you, Sarah. How do you manage to do it?


  1. Thanks to your blog, I have seen this channel on YouTube and am impressed, too. I think this is also an inspiration for others how a good language learning vodcast should look like. Once again, thank you for pointing to Sarah's channel.

  2. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks for the link.


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