Esperanto Centre in Second Life

I must admit that I'd not been doing anything serious in Second Life over the last couple of days. I'd been enjoying the fun that has been centred around Curry Castle, as Adam Curry is talking about SL every day on his podcast, the Daily Source code.

This means that every day there's a gathering of podcasters and podcast listeners around this area, with spontaneous parties breaking out on rooftops in the area. It's been a lot of fun, and I'll soon be posting some photos on Flickr of Monday night's party at the Curry Castle (a virtual Madge Weinstein turned up) when I get a chance. It's also interesting to note how a scramble has begun to build in the area that is completely crazy - within a couple of days, what was a sparsely populated area has seen huge property development as podcasters and others hoping to make it rich living next to a famous neighbour, move in.

But enough of frivolity, as I was hanging out at the Curry Castle again yesterday, just people watching and trying to chat to some podcasters, I was contacted by one of the members of the Second Life Language and Linguistics group, and have now been invited to participate in their forum, Babel, which aims "to advance language learning in multi-user virtual environments". It is also affiliated with SimTeach

Above: A picture of the Esperanto centre (with its own museum) in SL

I will folow this up later at more detail, but I see that one of the posts in the forum is about the possibility of using the Silent Way in Second Life as a possible language learning tool. This is starting to get very interesting.


  1. Saluton,

    Mi volus scii kie trovigas tiu centro? Maria

  2. La foto de la Esperanto-centro estas belega, sed kiel mi povos trovi g'in en Dua Vivo? Mi j'us alig'is al Dua Vivo, kaj mi ankorau' ne estas tre sperta.
    The photo of the Esperanto Centre is very attractive, but how can I find it in Second Life? I've just signed up to Second Life, and I'm still not very experienced.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi Lariko

    I'm afraid it's now gone - that's the thing about SL - it's a dynamic and changing place! There is still Esperanto action going on in Second Life though - just search in-world for 'Esperanto' and you'll find a group and people who are interested - meet them and they'll be able to help you

  5. I'm organizing a meeting for Esperantists in Second Life. Date: 7 July. Place: Colonia Nova. Time: 13.00-15.00 (LA time), 16.00-18.00 (NY time), 21.00-23.00 (London time). Contact me for more information:
    Mi organizas kunvenon por esperantistoj en Dua Vivo. Dato: 7 julio. Loko: Colonia Nova. Horo: vidu supre. Kontaktu min por pli da informoj:


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