To podcast or not...

EFL Geek has stated that he is not going to be podcasting, and has outlined his reasons on his blog. I can totally understand them, as podcasting is something that takes up a lot of time (far more than blogging).

I've already written a reply to his post on his blog, however...

podcasting does seem to offer interesting possibilities for language learning that are hard to ignore. I'm experimenting with it at the moment, not really knowing how long I will continue, because it appeals to me and is fun to do.

Whether or not the time and effort involved is actually worth it in the end remains to be seen. What is true though, is that the more EFL/ESL teachers we get trying it out now, the more we'll be able to see just how valuable it is, and what kind of content works for what kind of learner.

A new (for me) podcast I've been listening to is the Bob and Rob show, an entertaining exchange between an American and a Brit. It's a good listen, and will be interesting to higher level students. My only problem with it is the laughter and applause that has been added to the show, which sometimes makes the content difficult to hear.


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