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There are now 106 podcasts listed under the Education section at Podcast Alley

Although the majority of educational podcasts seem to be produced for ICT-savvy teachers about the use of educational technology in education, (it is to be expected), among the shows are a growing number of podcasts aimed at English language learners.

Apart from these, there are others that seem like they could be used with EFL/ESL learners (especially higher level learners. The only problem is finding the time to listen to them to see which ones are worth using. Perhaps there is a need for an ESL/EFL podcast review show about podcasts that can be used with learners?

Perhaps this would be fun to do this summer (yet another project?) although I'm not sure if there'll be time...


  1. A podcast review would be great. If my summer courses open, I'll be sending students on quests to find good listening material to improve thier listening skills. The only place on my list right now is the Daily Idiom.

  2. Oh BTW your widget still links to my old site Blinger, you may want to update the link to http://eflgeek.com EFL Geek - it's new and exciting.

  3. Hi Mr EFL Geek!

    All changed - I'd tried doing it before, but something went wrong with the opml file.

    I think I'll incorporate a review into the podcast I'm preparing for Sunday's chat and see how it goes.


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