Pod-efl-01 show notes

These are the show notes for the podcast Pod-efl-01, a podcast prepared for the Blogstreams Salon session at Tapped In on Sunday:

*** NOTE: File temporarily removed ***

An Introduction to podcasting for EFL/ESL teachers (46 minutes)

Show Notes:

1. Introduction

feedback to: blogefl@gmail.com

TEFL Podcasters Forum

Webheads in Action

Podcasting how to movie

2. Theme Music by the Jan D Experience

available at: Garageband

3. Music 1

Amsterdam by Rigel Vega available at

The Internet Archive

4. Question from Rita

Madrid Young Learner Podcasts

5. Terminology of podcasting

show notes – podcasting – podcatching -

6. Listening to podcasts

mp3 players

rss feeds with enclosures

Podcatching software - iPodder

7. Music 3

Cherry Rag by Tom Joad and Gerry Dempsey available at

The Internet Archive

8. Content: EFL/ESL podcasts

Glossaries, transcripts, comprehension questions

English Caster

The Daily Idiom

The Bob and Rob show

Learn a Song podcast

9. Content: General podcasts

Sushi Radio

Nicole Simon’s Useful Sounds

10. Music 4

Loneliness by Rigel Vega available at

The Internet Archive

These notes are incomplete - I'll be adding to them later with the rest of the links and also some links, etc that were mentioned during the session yesterday


  1. Graham,

    Outstanding audio introduction to EFL/ESL podcasting! Bravo!

    I put a link to your podcast on the main Englishcaster page. It's the perfect way to for an educator to get a handle on this new technology.


  2. Hey Graham...this was a real pleasure to listen to. I also enjoyed the chat at Blogstreams. I've got podcasting on my mind now! It must have taken a tremendous amount of time to put it all together. Good work!

  3. Hey, Thanks Aaron & Bob - it was fun to put together, and a learning experience - it took so long to do, I don't think I'd do anything like it for a long time, but it was a learning experience, and to think there are some of you out there that do this every week!


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