SaveAWave and embedding audio (WAV) into a web page

SaveAWave "is a simple, web-based sound recorder for voice messages. You can use it to record voice emails, memos, or voice files to put on your own web pages."

I didn't understand it at first as I used the Firefox web browser to access the web page. Once I switched to Internet Explorer, however, the ActiveX download started and I could see the controls in the top left-hand corner...

I found it extremely easy to use, and using the useful instructions on
how to embed an audio file into a web page produced this test audio file:

width=240 height=45


Interestingly enough, at first I had problems with the code - I found that parts of the code were showing up in the published blog, and the player wasn't working. Then I wondered if one of my Blogger settings was messing things up : I had the Convert line breaks setting turned on in Blogger, so that I don't have to use the html line-break code whenever I want a new line/paragraph. Sure enough, once I'd turned this off, the code worked.

I also made the mistake of trying to try it out using Firefox - the sound file only seems to play using Internet Explorer, which is a shame. Or am I doing something wrong?


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