Blogstreams Salon Special Session

Come and join us for the

Blogstreams Salon Special Session (Tappedin ASO*)

on Sunday May 1st at 21:00 GMT.

We have invited Peter Ford, one of the coordinators of the Blog Project at
the European Centre of Modern Languages, to tell you how he and his team
have been exploring the use of peer-to-peer collaborative online writing
environments in the context of foreign language education. The main goal of
the project - currently in a pilot phase (in French and English) with
teachers and students from Malta, Czech Republic, and Poland - is to develop
a blogging tool with specific features tailored to the needs of the foreign
language-learning environment.

Peter Ford has taught and managed ICT in both UK and international schools,
and is now an educational consultant at ICT4Schools, an organization he
co-founded to help realize the potential of ICT in education. He is
particularly interested in the opportunities provided by weblogs and other
browser based techonologies...

*After School Online (ASO) is a forum for educators. The scheduled events,
designed for professional development, are open to everyone in the TAPPED IN
community and all guests. If you are new to TAPPED IN, please login 10 minutes before the ASO event is scheduled to begin. This
will allow us to get you where you need to be.

Looking forward to seeing many of you with us!

Aaron Campbell, Japan

Barbara Dieu, Brazil

Graham Stanley, Spain


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