Malaysia Primary and Secondary school blogs

Dot MacKenzie recently shared some interesting blogs via the Webheads group:

Jawishools is a blog dedicated for primary and secondary teachers in Malaysia. It contains links to resources that may be useful for teachers.

The second blog is one containing writing from primary schools in the PPD Jawi district of Malaysia:

Dot continued in her post...

"I have used blogs to present links to teachers, and to put children's writing online...The children had no help from teachers when they were writing. I collected their written work, corrected it, and then inserted it in the blog. More will be added to both blogs as it is written."


  1. Hello,

    My Name is Ammar. I came from the US with my family (wife, seven years old son and a baby) to Malaysia about three weeks ago. We are living in Penang (on the mainland, close to Bukit Mertajam). We are trying to enroll my son into a private religious primary school around where we live. My son finished the 1st grade from the US and we also would like to know hte process of enrolling him. I have EP status (Employee pass) and my family have a DP status (Dependant Pass). Anyone can help would be dearly appreciated.



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