I've yet to try this out, but offers "free, open-source rich internet applications for your personal website, wiki or blog"

What I've seen looks good, so I'll be coming back here to try some of these widgets out!


  1. Thanks for the link Graham - that word 'free' enticed me!

    By using their software I've managed to put a clock in my sidebar. Not sure that I'll keep it but now you know that that particular widget works...!

    Great blog by the way...


  2. Hi Theresa

    Thanks for your kind comments. I know it could be a lot better (for instance, the links need sorting out, etc), but until I have the time, it'll just have to do.

    They are great, the widgets, aren't they? I want to try out the photo box.

  3. Great - will you let us know how you get on with the photoblox? It looks really good.

    For the record, the clock was very easy to do and I do like the look of it. But it does seem to sometimes affect your ability to scroll down the page past it. Not quite sure why.

    So I'll give it a little longer but if it doesn't start to behave itself, that little widget may have to go...!


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