The Imatge English Weblog is a tutor blog that has links to individual student blogs.

I have been using weblogs with this group since October, and have made writing to them a compulsory part of the course. With this course, I have to set assignments every couple of weeks (it's a requirement of the curriculum), and so I decided to ask the students to use the weblog for this.

The other reason why I decided to use weblogs with this class in particular is that the lack of classrooms in the polytechnic where I teach the class means that one of the three English teachers have to take the class in a CALL lab once every three weeks (we rotate).

This was obviously a good opportunity to use blogs. You can access the individual learner blogs from the images at the top of the page on the Tutor blog.

One task I asked them to do was to post one of their photos, or to select a photo from the Web and write about it.


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