Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Following on from James's idea, I've decided to look for Travel-related sites first, and have started looking at Blogorama, a Blog directory that's worth bookmarking.

Means of transport:

The first one isn't a weblog and doesn't allow comments to be posted on actual entries, but it does have a guestboook, and is a fabulous travel site: The Man in Seat 61 is a site all about travelling by train.

Traveller's Blogs

Anne and Stephen's Big Adventure has now finished, but the blog of what happened to these two world travellers is still online and has a comments feature.

North America by bike is also over, but still online. No comments feature, however.

By Country:

One way of approaching travel blogs could be by country. If the students choose a country and try to discover something about it's culture, geography, etc, as part of a wider project, it might be a good idea for them to check out some blogs about that country to get a more personal feel. They can always start by searching Google by entering the country they have chosen and 'blog' to get a selection.

Here are some I've just found that could be used, that also have commenting facilities:
- Japan
- China

Inside Views:

Rolling Rains Report : "Precipitating Dialogue on Travel, Disability, and Universal Design"

Well, this is just a selection of sites. To be continued...

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