Cat-Cult blog - One more Student response:

1) Do you think using the weblog on this course was...
a) a very good idea

2) How difficult was it to understand and use?
a) easy

3) Did you read what the others wrote?
a) always

4) Did you write because
b) you had to (ie. Only for the assignments)

5) Would you recommend using a Blog next year?
a) Yes

6) Which assignment(s) did you think were the most interesting?
a) Place
b) People's opinions
c) Eventd) General Impression

Here you have my answeres. and I liked the assigment where you needed to talk to diffrent people. Because that is actually an exchange of culture. And I also liked that you put information about what happening in Barcelona on it.... ann in the beginning I was looking at the website every time I was on the internett, but then people stopped writing and it was not that interesting anymore.

Note: As this student says, a weblog that isn't updated regularly won't be read - it's vital for this kind of project that the blog is updated frequently and serves as a lively noticeboard for the course.

7) Please write any suggestions you have or comments...
Some things were in yellow, it was difficult to read - The messages were hard to find

(note: I changed the colour to make things easier to find - The assignment instructions were in red, the assignments they wrote in yellow. This was fine if you looked at the actual weblog, but from Blogger, the white background made them impossible to read - I didn't realise that a lot of the students read the entries from Blogger - they didn't go to the actual weblog, which is what I always do when I read a blog)


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