Saturday, November 08, 2003

Cat-cult Blog - Another student response:

1) Do you think using the weblog on this course was...
a) a very good idea
b) OK
c) not interesting

2) How difficult was it to understand and use?
a) easy
b) difficult at first, but easy later
c) difficult

3) Did you read what the others wrote?
a) always
b) sometimes
c) never

4) Did you write because
a) you wanted to?
b) you had to (ie. Only for the assignments)
c) a mixture

5) Would you recommend using a Blog next year?
a) Yes
b) No
c) I don’t know

6) Which assignment(s) did you think were the most interesting?
a) Place
b) People's opinions
c) Event
d) General Impression

Comments: > To write about peoples opinions you got a lot of the same answers and if you compare your culture to the Catalan culture also. There are a lot of dutch people so in general the answers are equal. If you write about a place everybody mentions something else and that is interesting to read.

7) Please write any suggestions you have or comments...
> It was very nice to use the blogger, but it but be a bit easier to put the assignments together in a apart part at the block because now it looks a bit chaotic and it's a bit difficult to find something and if it's possible an apart block for the answers to the assignments. If you are searching for an answer to one assignment you have to read most of the things. That makes it slow to work and also a bit chaotic.

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