My comments: Oops. My mistake. It's at 22:00 Spanish time. Here's the e-mail that Barbara has used to publicise the event. Please copy and send it to anyone you think my be interested.

Join Graham Stanley and Bee Dieu at the Euro Language Forum (ASO) *.

Discover their blogging connections and examples on how to involve your students in reflecting, writing and publishing online.

Graham Stanley is a freelance teacher presently working at Turismo Sant Ignasi-ESADE and the British Council (both in Barcelona,Spain.) He has recently started blog-efl , a weblog about the use of blogs in ELT. (http://blog-efl.blogspot.com)

Barbara Dieu teaches English at the Lycée Pasteur, a Franco-Brazilian school in São Paulo, Brazil and has been blogging with her classes since March.

Sunday September 22nd from 1:00-2:00pm PST/ 4:00-5:00pm EST/
8:00-9:00pm GMT/ 5:00-6:00 pm Brasilia Time 22:00-23.00 Spanish time

* After School Online (ASO) is a forum for educators. The scheduled events,designed for professional development, are open to everyone in the TAPPED IN community (http://www.tappedin.org/new) and all guests. If you are new to
TAPPED IN, please login 10 minutes before the ASO event is scheduled to begin. This will allow us to get you where you need to be.


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