Analysis of Learner Blog #1

Laura 2nde1 English Page:

My comments: I thought it might be a good idea to look at some specific learner blogs to see what students have written about.

Facts and Figures:
Blog Started: March 17th 2003
Last Posting: June 1st 2003 (Note: This may be because the students began a class blog, which may have meant they have had less time to keep up with their personal weblogs.)

General comments: It's obvious that Laura has had a lot of fun with her blog, and she's taken time to change the design several times. Unfortunately, the links to most of her archives don't seem to work, so we can only see a small sample of the postings. She has also started to use the weblog as an HTML project, and she mentions having started using the webpage design programme 'Front Page' (I'm sure some of her motivation to learn Front Page and HTML has come directly from having a blog).

Sample comment:

"Hi people!!!! How are you today??!!!
Today was a give back test day ( I don't know if it's right... I have just invented this adjective, like in class )!"

You can see how her confidence about using the Blog has developed, as the writing seems to be less self-conscious and more reader-orientated on the latest postings. Compare, for example her postings on Her first page with the latest postings

Content: Laura's last postings are about what she did at school, reflecting on tests, what happened in class, etc. She also addresses her teacher and some of her friends by name directly on the blog, so she obviously has a good idea about audience 7 readership.


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