Networking on the Net with Braz-Tesol

Bee has invited me and other webheads to participate in her presentation 'Networking on the Net', which she is giving at the Braz-Tesol 10th National Convention today,Sunday, July 9th 2006 From 13: 45 -15:15 GMT

She is using a wiki for the organisation of materials, guests, and online places, and people have been encouraged to join in the Skypecast, which is to be hosted and webcast by World Bridges via the Webheads in Action community site.

If this seems like a lot of URLs already, then you ain't seen nothing yet, as the plan is to take participants to Tapped In, Alado & Learning Times too, introducing some of the best tools around for online synchronous participation. It's ambitious, but will be a lot of fun, and a very interesting learning experience for anyone interested in the cutting edge of e-learning (if you pardon the cliche)

Feeling lost? You needn't be. Just start off at Bee's wiki and in the Skypecast and let Bee, the host, guide you.


  1. I wish I had read your posting before opening a wide array of windows to follow the presentation! However, once I found a starting point, I found Bee's power point presentation and inclusion of many guests quite well done.

  2. Yes, I admire Bee and congratulate her for the smooth handling of the presentation, and for showing just how easy it can be to connect with many people from all over the planet, and engage with them in 'the new conversation'

    It was a great way of displaying the benefits of belonging to Webheads, or to any active community of practice that spans the globe.


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