Second Life - different views and opinions

I've started doing some digging, looking for information about Second Life, especially in educational settings. Here's what I've found so far:

  • Rockin'in Second Life
  • - from Alan Levine's Cogdogblog was the most interesting find - it seems that there's already quite a buzz and an interest from certain higher educational establishments about SL, and this post shows just how far some educators have gone already towards experimenting with the alternative world offered by this intriguing game. One to definitely keep an eye on aI think. Alan also mentions a plug in that allows for real time speech, which of course is exactly what would be needed to utilisie this game for language learning purposes. I'm going to check out the plug-in and look for more examples of educational use this weekend.
  • Second Life - Creative Commons feature: about the free cultural events that have currently taken place in SL, and how people can become involved.

  • Second Life History wiki
  • : As the title suggests, an attempt to document the history of this virtual world.
  • BBC Collective: negative comments/review from some online gamers


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