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On Saturday 25th February at 14.00GMT, there will be the first EFL Student webcast show at World Bridges

We are hoping for an interesting start to this venture, and already have students interested and due to participate this weekend from Argentina, Hungary, Spain, Taiwan, and (hopefully) other many places in the world. Please help us help students to connect to others interested in improving their English language skills and become more aware of other cultures by connecting and communicating with other English language learners during these webcasts.

Here is a guide for those students who want to take part (the transcript of the slideshow is also included below):

1. Welcome to everyone interested in participating in the webcast taking place at Worldbridges. This is a brief guide telling you how you can best participate in this event. The first thing you should do on if you want to listen to the live show is to go to the World Bridges site (http://www.worldbridges.com) and click on the listen icon.

2. To take an active part while listening, you should join in the chat room. Click on the link to the 'chat room' from the World Bridges home page and then login with your name. You do not need to use a password.

3. You can see the names of the other people in the chat room on the right. Type your text in the yellow box , and press send. You can change the colour of your text, or send a smiley face, etc by clicking on the icon below the yellow box.

4. If you want to take part in the voice chat, then you need to have the free telephony programme called Skype. You can download this at http://www.skype.com. When you have this on your computer, you will need to skype the name 'worldbridges' to participate in the webcast. Before you do this, write a message in the text chat room to say you are ready to participate.
5. Another important thing about participating in the webcast is the equipment you have. You should use headphones and a microphone to participate in the webcast.

6. Please don't use speakers as the small delay between talking and listening creates problems with an echo and makes communication very difficult. So, please use headphones.

7. The last thing you have to remember when you use skype to call in is to switch off the webcast. Again, because of the small delay, you need to stop listening to the live webcast before you use skype to call in. If you don't do this, it will make communication very difficult.

7. so, that's all there is. You can find more information on the World Bridges website. Just look for the section called 'listening guide' and you will find more useful advice. Hope to speak to you online during the webcast, and hope you enjoy it. Have fun.

Photo credits: (published on Flickr with a Creative Commons Attribution license)

baby & headphones by Ted


  1. Graham, thanks for such detailed and easy-to-follow tutorial. I am afraid I won't be able to join in today but I definitely will in the future. Wishing you all the best with your great project!

    Anita, blog06

    That baby photo is great!
    Do you have any idea why no feed is found for your blog? So no subscription possible, which is a bit annoying...

  2. Graham:
    Me and Alina, my student, enjoyed the webcast very much and we are looking forward for the next one where I plan to engage more students. They are between 13 and 16 years old and would like to speak with other students their age.

    Ana Maria


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