Bubbleshare - Photos with audio

The photos above were uploaded to Bubbleshare and show shots of my TV playing podcasts via the XBox360, shortly after I got the wifi connection working and figured out how to share files from my PC.

Bubbleshare (currently in beta) allows you to create a slide show from photos, and lets you add an audio commentary too, and upload it to your blog! Thanks to Nick Noakes for putting me onto this one.


  1. Hi, Graham,

    Thanks for sharing bubbleshare with the baW-06 group! I think somebody in our group has already shared photos using bubbleshare. I even bookmarked it, but I didn´t know it could have this interesting audio feature. I can already picture what we could do with our EFL students!!! The quality of sound is OK, and you could get those wonderful flickr photos you have and have an audio slide show with them! I´d love to see that.

    Thanks for everything you share with us.

    Carla Arena in Brasilia after eating some delicious and juicy barbecue with some caipirinha!

  2. Hello Graham:
    I could listen to you perfectly. Maybe the pictures are boring, but it doesn't matter. It lets us see what you can do.

    Thanks for sharing Bubbleshare with us. I read all your blog and I found it very interesting.
    But you're quite an expert!!!.
    I can't add links, I can't use RSS but I'm trying.

    You're teaching me. THANKS
    Susana Canelo. Del Valle-Argentina

    In a very hot day

  3. Thanks Carla and Susana

    I'll have to try something else with Bubbleshare. I think I too had come across it before, but didn't realise it had the audio feature, which is what makes it really attractive.

    Look forward to seeing what you two and others can make of it.

  4. Hello Graham,
    this Bubleshare link is fantastic. Another web feature that will become highly popular, I'm sure. I simply had to try it today and it was exciting. I can well imagine how students will love it.
    I didn't have time or patience to do my recordings more properly, so I let it as a first attempt:) You are more than welcome to check out, how your idea looks in my blog: www.anitaslo.blogspot.com

    Thanks again!
    Anita (EVO 06 - blogging workshop)

  5. Hi Graham - a graet set of photos - NOT! But that wasn't the point I know :) I'm off to give Bubbleshare a go. Where will it all end??

  6. This is just fantastic, Graham! It opens lots of possibilities for students to share and comment on their photos. I'm looking forward to trying it myself. Since I started blogging a few weeks ago as an apprentice at BaW06 and Blogs06, I haven't stopped being in awe at all the new things I'm discovering from more experienced bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Claudia - Argentina

  7. It looks great Anita - a much better attempt than mine. I love the way you've set up your presentation.

    You're absolutely right, Michael - I just used the photos I had at hand. I look forward to seeing your first bubbleshare slide show.

    Thanks Claudia, too - I love your blog. You've put so much work into it already.

  8. Hi Graham,

    Thank you for sharing your first Bubbleshare experience with us. I've been reading the comments made by Nick and you with interest, and now I've seen this show I must really have a try myself:-)

    I found this work of yours very professional. The sound was good, and also the content was very interesting for me as I do not yet have a digibox. I'd like to know more about how you recorded the sound (not with a Creative MP3,or Podomatic, I guess?)and also how you managed to import your photos to your TV screen. I can do this with photos from my digi-camera and suppose it must be a similar technique.

    Thank you for all the ideas you have shared with us during this course, Graham:-)


  9. It is really interesting! I'll give it a try and see its possible developments in ELT. We are just beginning to work with podcasts and blogs in ELT here in Catalonia, where I work.
    I've been teaching English for 17 years. Currently I have a position at the Catalan Ministry of Education as a pedagogical advisor for ELT and ICT. Your blog is already bookmarked in my computer. You're welcome to have a look at mine at http://ricardgarcia.blogspot.com

    Thanks for your work


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