Why use technology in class?

I came across an interesting post by David Jakes, via Will Richardson, about the slow pace of uptake of technology of many educators.

Here's a quote:

"...how many teachers can even design an effective presentation in PowerPoint? How many take advantage of the professional development opportunities available to them? How many internalize technology tools as significant and mission-critical tools required to teach today’s kids. Sadly, the news is not good."

I am waiting to see how many particpants I get at my session on blogging and podcasting in Madrid this Saturday - I know the conference has generated a lot of interest, and some of the speakers are being asked to put on two sessions - I volunteered for this, but I've yet to hear. Hopefully it won't be true, but I have visions of all the classrooms being full except mine, and me standing there talking to three people, who have only come in because the other sessions are full.

Hopefully, I'm wrong about this...


  1. Well Graham how did you go? Were you presenting to an empty room, a few of the converted, or a cast of thousands?

  2. Thanks for asking Michael - I was pleasantly surprised to find an eager audience of 25 people, and most of them had heard of blogs (surely there can't be many people who haven't now?), but none of them had a blog, and fewer of them had ever thought about teaching with them.

    Because of this, and the fact that the session was only 50 minutes, I hardly touched upon audio blogs or podcasting, which was a shame, although I was collared and ended up having lunch with a director of a school interested in using Skype to conduct one-to-one lessons to students just outside of Madrid.

    I'm repeating the sesion this Saturday in Barcelona, so it'll be interesting to compare.


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