British Council Madrid Conference 24th September

Something Old, Something New is the title of the educational conference that is going to be held at the British Council in Madrid on the 24th September.

It's open to all teachers and I'm down to give a session on (surprise surprise) blogging.

Hope to see some of you there.

Blogging: Push Button Publishing for Students and Teachers

A ‘blog’ (short for weblog) is an easy-to-publish website which can be used by teachers and students to make themselves heard and to help form out-of-class and out-of-school communities. Although blogging as a student journal-tool is the most common use, there is so much more to blogging than this. The session will cover everything from basic blogging journals to encourage and improve process writing, to new trends exploiting photographs (photo blogs) and audio (podcasting).


  1. Hi. I just to tell you that I linked your site to my blog.

    Casa Del Bambino.

  2. Thanks Cheyayee - I hope you find the blog interesting / useful


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